Cancellations and Returns

Partners can cancel orders that are no longer needed. In some cases, a return may be needed for orders that are canceled in progress, or for failed deliveries.


Partners can use the Cancel Delivery endpoint to cancel a delivery that is underway, or to cancel one that has not yet been started

  1. For an order in delivery progress: if the EN_ROUTE_TO_DROPOFF webhook has already been fired, the cancellation will automatically trigger a store return. See return workflow below.
  2. For an order that has not been started: the order will be immediately canceled and removed from the Helper’s schedule.

When canceling an order, you will need to provide the cancellation reason from a predefined list of reasons. The default cancellation reason is OTHER. Additional cancellation reasons are: COLD_CHAIN_VIOLATION, ORDER_NOT_READY, SYSTEM_ERROR, DELIVERY_TIME_CHANGED, FRAUD_ORDER, CARRIER_CANCELLED, CAB_NOT_ARRIVED.

You are also able to provide an optional cancellation comment as a string. Dolly does not currently use the cancellation comment, but if useful for the partner, it could be added to invoicing.

Returns & Failed Deliveries

A store return can be triggered by two different scenarios:

  1. If a partner cancels an order and the Helper has already picked up the item(s) and is headed for customer drop off (signified by the EN_ROUTE_TO_DROPOFF webhook).
  2. In the rare event a Helper is unable to complete the delivery. An example use case of this more uncommon scenario is if the Helper is unable to fit an item through the customer’s door.

Dolly is only able to process full order returns. Meaning, all items in the order must be returned to the original pick up location.
Once a return is triggered, the following webhook events will be sent to the partner to alert them of the delivery progress:


Cancellation and Return Fees

Typically, cancellation and return fees will be negotiated between the partner and Dolly as a part of the Rate Card. There may be a time element associated with the fee as well.

For example, if an order is canceled right before it is scheduled to take place, the partner may incur a fee; whereas an order cancellation with 2 days notice which would incur no fees. Please speak with your business development contact for any questions regarding partner fees.