Proof of Delivery

Dolly will provide proof of delivery (POD) for successful orders upon delivery completion.

Signature or Photo

Partners have the ability to dictate whether they would like a photo or a signature for proof of successful delivery.

  1. If a signature is preferred: set signatureRequired to TRUE in the drop off details during the create request. The field isUnattended will be ignored if signatureRequired is set to true.
  2. If a photo is preferred: set signatureRequired to FALSE in the drop off details during the create request, or do not set a value for signatureRequired

During a create request, the partner is not required to set a value for signatureRequired. If empty or null, Dolly will default to providing a photo for proof of delivery.

In the rare event a partner has selected signature for proof of delivery, but the Dolly Helper is unable to collect one, a photo will be provided as back up.

Viewing Proof of Delivery

The payload of the DELIVERED webhook will include the URL for viewing the proof of delivery. The partner can also request to Get Delivery Info for a completed order to access the URL at any time.

If an order is canceled before completion, or the delivery fails, there will be no proof of delivery.