Quoting Deliveries

Sometimes a partner may want to generate a quote, without creating an actual delivery. For example, if a customer wants to know the price for a potential delivery but is not ready to book, a quote can be requested.

To create a quote:

  1. Input the same required information for the Create Delivery endpoint.
  2. Use the Create Quote endpoint to request the quote.
  3. Use the Get Quote Info endpoint to retrieve the quote.

Note: Creating a quote does not guarantee the returned price if you later wish to then turn that quote into an order. A quote’s price is only relevant to the time and date of when it is requested.

To turn a quote into a delivery:

  1. Use the Quote Delivery endpoint create the order quote
  2. Use the Book Quoted Delivery endpoint to update the quote into a delivery.

Once a quote is being turned into a delivery, it can be called using the Get Delivery Info endpoint, or canceled using the Cancel Delivery endpoint, if needed. If you wish to review info about a quote that has not been turned into a delivery, use the Get Quote Info endpoint to request details.